Various Contributions

    These are the projects where I contributed and helped the community and/or the software grow.

    Prism Detached for Wordpress

    Prism Detached for Wordpress screengrab

    The work shown above is Copyrighted to apfelbox.

    Prism Detached was a Prism Syntax highlight plugin for Wordpress. I submitted updates to the plugin.

    Quam Plures CMS

    quamplures logo

    The work shown above is Copyrighted to quamplures.

    • Theme contributor
    • Years: 2010–2015

    Quam Plures ("qp") was a fork of the b2evolution CMS.

    b2evolution CMS

    b2evolution logo

    The work shown above is Copyrighted to b2evolution.

    • Theme contributor and community moderator
    • Years: 2009–2013

    b2evolution is a Content Management System (CMS) aimed at making it easy to build and maintain websites for sharing information and collaborating with your community.

    I contributed themes for the b2evolution community. I was also a moderator in the support forums, and assisted in answering questions.

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